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But heedless interrelating was not confined to exchanges between pilot and representative.
Sustained heedful interrelating might well have registered that the growing number of attempted solutions had in fact created a new problem that was worse than any problem that was present to begin with.
It is important to realize that our analysis, using the concepts of collective mind and heedful interrelating, implies something more than the simple advice, "be careful.
Heedful interrelating of activities constructs a substrate that is more complex and, therefore, better able to comprehend complex events than is true for smart but isolated individuals.
We conclude from our analysis that carrier operations are a struggle for alertness and that the concept of heedful interrelating helps capture this struggle.
Mindless actions ignore interrelating or accomplish it haphazardly and with indifference (Bellah et al.
As a group matures and moves from inclusion through control to affection (Schutz, 1958), or as it moves from forming through storming, norming, and performing (Tuckman, 1965), both interrelating and intimacy develop jointly.
In the presence of heedless interrelating, comprehension declines, regardless of how long the group has been together, and disasters result.
Translated into the language of heedful interrelating, what Eisenberg depicted were relationships in which shared values, openness, and disclosure, all hallmarks of a developed group, were not fully developed, but in which collective mind was developed.
If heedful interrelating can occur in an undeveloped group, this changes the way we think about the well-known stages of group development.