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INTERRELATION, civil law. The act by which, in consequence of an agreement, the party bound declares that he will not be bound beyond a certain time. Wolff, Inst. Nat. Sec. 752.
     2. In the case of a lease from year to year, or to continue as long as both parties please, a notice given by one of them to the other of a determination to put an end to the contract, would bear the name of interrelation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Even if you are familiar with SCPI, instruments today have so much functionality built in that it can be time consuming to understand the many subsystems, parameters, and interrelations between commands.
For the dynamical interrelations of ECG parameters all possible pairs of parameters series were analyzed: RR [omicron] DJT, RR [omicron] AR, RR [omicron] DQRS, RR [omicron] AT, DJT [omicron] AR, DJT [omicron] DQRS, DJT [omicron] AT, AR [omicron] DQRS, AR [omicron] AT and DQRS [omicron] AT.
There is no doubt that a losing team often has problems within the dressing-room but I don't think it follows that a team with good social interrelations will necessarily be successful on the field.
They intend to reconstruct interrelations, mutual influences, interconnections and border-crossings, e.
The final two essays trace the interrelations of the personal and political in the representation of self and others.
This was followed by an exploration of Sufi thought which allowed him to regain the image of a loving and merciful divinity through the notions of "oneness of being" and intimate interrelations between man and God.
Thus, the mesosystem, which comprises the interrelations among two or more settings or support systems, can be the most important influence on career development for si ngle parents who receive public assistance.
Tin Hlaing said, ''The Cultural Exchange Variety Dance Show is the result of interrelations and cooperation between Japan and Myanmar, respecting and understanding each other's culture.''
Broussard argues as well for interrelations between the world of objects and writing, between the world and that which exists beyond the world.
Still, the unique contribution of each drug to the potency of a multidrug regimen and the pattern, order and interrelations of the development of resistance to each component of a multidrug regimen in a patient are still a mystery.
To this end, we develop a framework of principles that explores the interrelations of interests and values for various stakeholders where privacy concerns have risen or are expected to rise.