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The tool is utilized to study complex problems when it is difficult to identify the interrelationships between the concepts and it is unclear if the issue is the problem or the solution.
Interrelationship between insects and plants has 15 chapters, a glossary, 42 pages of references (including a page and a half of references to the author's work), and three indices (insect, plant, and "general" - but no author index).
By comparing risks on a single matrix of severity and frequency, senior managers can, often for the first time, see a complete picture of all the risks facing the company and their interrelationship.
Doubling the content base, for example, doubles the navigational complexity and page links, which creates a four-fold increase in the interrelationships among files.
The interrelationship of sacred and secular in Afro-American folk culture is not considered in any depth.
As another example, the total solids content, dry rubber content, mechanical stability and viscosity tests have such interrelationships also.
The last and least recognized military challenge in the global commons involves the rapidly developing interrelationships among and between the different domains and the platforms and systems operating in and through the related parts of the global commons.
To investigate fully, Steve will have to parallel the missing man's tracks--and enters a dangerous world of puzzling interrelationships and threats.
9 million for 30 science and engineering projects centered on better understanding biodiversity and the interrelationships among all living things.
In bringing interrelationships of ideology, social and cultural history into focus, Arnold draws largely on two themes, the evolution of the country house, and the history of Classicism.
Students who showed interrelationships among concepts in their study-notes performed better on a test on science concepts than those who did not.
As new techniques were developed, the name of the group studying arboviral antigenic relationships was changed from the Subcommittee on Immunological Relationships Among Catalogued Arboviruses to the Subcommittee on InterRelationships Among Catalogued Arboviruses (SIRACA), to reflect the introduction of molecular techniques as adjunct tools for virus identification and characterization.