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Apart from this, the NIA will also interrogate Areeb on whether ISIS has any plans to wage war against the country and the whereabouts of other three youth from Kalyan who allegedly joined ISIS with Areeb.
A specially designated court accepted the CBI plea and granted the premier investigation agency permission to interrogate former telecom minister A.
The CBI is allowed to interrogate the three accused Monday," the court said while pronouncing the order.
In her third chapter, Harraway argues that "by staging the consequences of repetition on character, narrative and language, the plays of Tamburlaine interrogate the assumption that a work of art can ever be truly and singularly original or.
The prosecution issued a statement on its official Facebook page confirming that judges will be appointed instead of prosecutors to interrogate those involved in the infamous "Battle of the Camel," of Feb.
Only Dubai Police officials and officials from the Interior Ministry are allowed to interrogate our suspects.
In mid January 2008, al-Saadi revealed that a request signed by 105 lawmakers of different parliamentary blocs had been submitted to the parliamentCOs speaker to interrogate the trade minister regarding "financial and administrative corruption," according to al-Saadi's description.
They were probably going to abduct and interrogate him about his work for the British.
They must approach vehicles, remove the occupants, conduct appropriate searches, interrogate subjects, and end encounters using well-accepted and well-rehearsed procedures that maximize officer safety.
Five ensuing chapters argue that iconoclastic impulses generate distinctively Protestant forms of tragedy that interrogate and contain antitheatrical anxieties.