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Saini allowed the CBI to interrogate the three accused, who are already in judicial custody and lodged at Delhi's high security Tihar Central Jail, for one hour each in the lock-up of the Patiala House court complex in the afternoon.
A team consisting of senior officers of the Military Intelligence including the Director General of Military Intelligence and senior officials of the ATS and Maharashtra police are said to interrogate the five army officers.
In her third chapter, Harraway argues that "by staging the consequences of repetition on character, narrative and language, the plays of Tamburlaine interrogate the assumption that a work of art can ever be truly and singularly original or.
Quetta police had also sought permission to interrogate the former army chief, which was granted by a court.
The prosecution issued a statement on its official Facebook page confirming that judges will be appointed instead of prosecutors to interrogate those involved in the infamous "Battle of the Camel," of Feb.
Only Dubai Police officials and officials from the Interior Ministry are allowed to interrogate our suspects.
The Special Cell has claimed that it wants to recover SIM cards and some data cards used by Dabas and Nayyar for which it needs to interrogate them.
CAIRO: The general prosecution office said Wednesday it will interrogate former interior minister Habib El-Adly regarding his connection to security forces' withdrawal on Jan.
They were probably going to abduct and interrogate him about his work for the British.
THINK AGAIN's web site comments on this piece: "The media continues to interrogate single parents, chastise unwed teens, and question whether gays and lesbians should marry.
Let's Entertain" seems willing to risk becoming part of the "endless loop of multi-sensory spectacles" it purports to interrogate.
4) Therefore, the more officers know about the subjects they interrogate, the better their chances for success.