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On the other hand, the military intelligence in Tulkarem summoned and interrogated the editor at Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed TV Sami Al-Sai for criticizing the police.
The Egyptian Copts were initially interrogated upon arrival to the Libyan capital, Tripoli.
Prisoners interrogated by US officials in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks identified a specific "courier" who provided direct support to bin Laden after he fled Afghanistan, eventually tracking him to the compound where the terrorist mastermind was killed, the Obama administration said.
The (Parliament's) Security & Defense Committee has interrogated in Baghdad today (Monday) the security commanders, Qassim Atta, the spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command, General Ahmed Hashim, the Commander of Baghdad's Karkh Operations Command and Hussein Awadi, the Commander of the Federal Police, regarding the deterioration of the security conditions in Baghdad recently, especially the explosions that took place in northern Baghdad's Shu'ala district.
It is not acceptable that they were interrogated and kept in the office against their will.
The intercepted fax constitutes the first "real evidence" that "the US interrogated suspected terrorists at secret prisons in Eastern Europe," observed the Telegraph.
and "rendition" (defined in the survey as "sending prisoners to be interrogated in countries where torture is common") are all justified "sometimes" or "often", according to a new Harris Poll.
She was treated badly by doctors--particularly the hospital panel that interrogated her before granting her pre-Roe abortion--but she defended them against restrictive legislation and harassment.
Colin Inglis, who has been suspended by Humberside Police Authority, said he would be contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission after his elderly parents were separated and interrogated following his arrest on Tuesday.
Ali Hassan al-Majid and Sultan Hashim have been interrogated and their lawyers attended the investigative hearing,' al-Juhyi said.
Instead of upholding the general sense of the Fifth Amendment, which has guided our courts for decades, the Supreme Court held that questioning that is aggressive to the point of coercion does not violate the constitutional protection against self-incrimination, as long as no statements made under such interrogation are introduced at a trial of the person interrogated.