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But it is the product of our contemporary moment, which begs us to interrogate the organic and machinic phyla anew--revealing that the body of the hybrid is mortal, and sags, and faces an end more like humus than rust.
Nonetheless, according to Watt, some of the Bible-carrying Christians he studied, and others, one might infer, interrogate the claims of corporations and the state thoughtfully and radically, something many liberal Protestants have given up on.
It now seems rather odd to interrogate "Traditional readings" (93) when so much revisionist criticism exists.
Her well-grounded claim that Calvinistic theology and anti-Catholic ideology pervade Elizabethan and Jacobean popular drama subscribes to the consensus that has come into being during the last fifteen years concerning the dialectical interplay between Protestant antitheatrical and antipoetic attitudes and the generation of iconoclastic drama and poetry that interrogates its own artifice.