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McCawley (1988 [1973]) is a pioneering study in this area offering a detailed comparative perspective between the two types of exclamatives (inverted and wh) and between exclamatives and interrogatives.
As mentioned earlier, interrogative analogies refer to those generated by the builder during the course of conversation.
as definitive of a regime of interrogative torture.
Interrogative recasts allowed the instructor to offer corrective feedback to the students without interrupting the communicative flow.
For students to complete this maths work, they need to be proficient in two types of grammatical constructions and their accompanying role as readers of declarative and WH- interrogative clauses.
Nowadays the assessment of an individual's level of interrogative suggestibility has become an important part of many forensic psychology reports (Gudjonsson 1988a, 1995, Merckelbach et al.
Lemaire and Yardeni ("New Hebrew Ostraca," 198) comment: "As is well known from Biblical Hebrew, the interrogative negative HL' probably has here an assertive meaning," though they translate the statement as a rhetorical question.
i] is an interrogative sentence, the questioned part of [q.
Advocate General Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw informed the court that following court's directions, KPK government arranged a meeting of Tahir Shah's relatives with him in Malakand interrogative centre.
When you find a phrase, interrogative or even cadence that seems to resonate with prospects and clients--remember it.
How that came for the new people to become interrogative nation in uninterepretative state.
The title of the painting demands an interrogative analysis: Who is hiding?