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7) Knowing what is important to subjects gives interrogators plenty of topics to convert into themes, which helps combat their greatest problem - running out of things to talk about during interrogations.
The interrogators appeared well versed in Western political theory and bandied about the names of specialists such as Crane Brinton and Theda Skocpol who have expounded on revolution.
A strong conductor can recognize numerous holes in enemy doctrine or perception and act quickly to have the interrogators meet or counter them.
And we're going to send you right back to hell: by slaughter," the interrogator says, making him chant Islamic State slogans.
In June 1995, as part of Operation Combat Track, the Air Force installed a fixed interrogator inside one of their cargo aircraft and used it to read the tags on the cargo and report the content and pallet information to the destination airport.
The EEDSK can read tags on equipment as they pass through or are within 300 feet of its interrogators.
If the attack is to take place within minutes, coercive or painful methods ought to be useless: The captive will tell the interrogators a fake story--possibly pre-planned in the event of capture--and by the time they realize they've been duped the bomb will have gone off.
A FEW OF THE key methods an interrogator uses to gain a confession is to help the suspect rationalize the behavior, project blame onto someone or something else, or minimize the severity or importance of the crime.
The RF tags are low-power radio transmitters attached to equipment pallets and containers, and contain up to 128 kb of information on supply level detail which is read by interrogator devices set-up near the entrances to bases and supply hubs.
Because the shock effect of capture is greatest at the moment of capture, the infantry unit that conducted the operation had been accompanied by an interrogator from its local interrogation facility to assist in the initial detainee questioning.
That causes the IFF interrogator to fail and makes the whole Patriot NMC.
is being awarded a $7,045,852 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract (N00019-01-C-0271) to exercise an option for the procurement of 79 AN and UPX-37(V) interrogator sets and associated data for installation on various shipboard platforms.