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The interrogation system that relies on these methods, both in overt interrogation and in the conditions in which detainees are held, was shaped by the state and is not the result of the initiative of any particular interrogator or prison guard.
The interrogator asks why the soldier had been fighting on behalf of Assad and did not defect and he replies that he would have just been sent back to the army.
From day one, I have told Sattar's family that they should not keep their hopes up because the accused is an interrogator who is part of the same system that is putting him on trial," Pourfazel said.
Word of how an interrogator interacts with a detainee or a facility staff member spreads quickly, especially to the detainees themselves.
The report was based on the testimonies of 121 Palestinians held in 2009 at the Petah Tikva holding facility near Tel Aviv, with 9 percent of those interviewed accusing interrogators of using physical violence against them.
The interrogator who admitted making up the threat, Joshua Claus, was later court-martialed for abusing prisoners at Bagram, including one who died.
The course also trains procedures in the supervising and monitoring of various operational activities (screening, interrogation, teams or individuals subordinate to the Senior Interrogator but not co-located such as HUMINT Collection Teams, MTT, and general and direct support.
MINDBENDING: Drew McAdam, The Interrogator on TV show Trisha
During a televised confession, Esfandiari's interrogator sharply gestures for her to adjust her headscarf.
The sandbox in his memory becomes a grave as the interrogator buries his father, felled by cancer.
Another interrogator allegedly tried to convince a different terror suspect detainee that his mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him, though the interrogator denied making such a threat.
Interestingly enough, the software that was used for burning the tags and for operating a fixed interrogator was simple enough to fit on a single 5 1/4-inch floppy diskette.