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When you sit on it, it makes you lean back but the interrogator yells at you to stay straight.
An Israeli interrogator, during one of these incidents, sat over his abdomen, causing him unbearable pain.
A judicial source said the wife told interrogators that she was "shocked" by the 11 a.
PIL says a number of unlawful killings and cases of inhuman and degrading treatment were linked to JFIT's activities as interrogators sought to extract information.
This ended the responsibility of the CIA for them, and they were transferred to the authority of interrogators in Guantanamo.
This training takes the form of printed training manuals and doctrine, online discussion forums or chat rooms, and even e-magazines and autobiographical accounts that tutor terrorists in how to "triumph over interrogators.
B'Tselem, that looks out for abuses against Palestinians in Israel and the occupied West Bank, also said Palestinians had lodged hundreds of complaints against undercover interrogators, but that none had culminated in a criminal investigation.
We think he ended up dying," Khadr quoted the interrogators as telling him shortly after he was captured.
Secret training materials tell interrogators they should aim to make prisoners feel insecure, exhausted and anxious, a national newspaper reported.
The course trains how to supervise DOD Interrogation operations at all echelons and for multiple functions to include legal responsibilities (law, regulations, policies and directives), mentoring and training junior interrogators, cultural analysis, and human behavioral analysis.
The pressure and being taunted by interrogators for having refused their demands was so great that at times I would pass out during interrogation sessions.
The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that at least six military interrogators who worked closely with members of the task force have already been interviewed under caution by the special investigation branch of the Royal Military Police