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In the end it was learned that he was telling interrogators scenes from Godzilla, about the destruction of a bridge, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, or the destruction of the famous Statue of Liberty.
Since the enemy understands how to use the complex social systems within an interrogation facility to his advantage, it is reasonable that the MI community should examine this aspect in greater depth as well and make the changes necessary to leverage all the moving parts of this system in a way that will give interrogators the greatest advantage.
The interrogator who admitted making up the threat, Joshua Claus, was later court-martialed for abusing prisoners at Bagram, including one who died.
The iron fist of interrogators would also result in my passing out.
The fact is that interrogators did question Abdulmutallab before advising him of his right to remain silent -- and could have continued for even longer.
When I was in an Iranian prison, my own interrogators had a similar tendency to digress from purely intelligence-related questioning into debates on 'westoxification,' neo-liberalism, and their perception of non-violent movements as Trojan Horses for Western influence.
The document, released by the US Justice Department, revealed that one interrogator said a colleague told Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that if any other attacks happened in the United States, "we're going to kill your children".
The first handheld interrogators were powered by battery packs from model airplane engines and had an operational life of 30 minutes between charges.
Wittes believes that CIA interrogators should be permitted to use more aggressive tactics than military interrogators, though he fails to adequately explain why civilian agents should be given more leeway than soldiers in a combat setting.
naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, including a chart that outlined the use of "coercive management techniques" by military interrogators.
This is based on her experience as a student in a class for interrogators.
Omar Khadr, the only western prisoner still held in the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, broke down and wept when questioned by Canadian interrogators and moaned "Kill me", video footage released yesterday shows.