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Certainly, if interrogators had fully complied with the existing doctrinal guidance, AR 190-8 (19) and FM 34-52, (20) the abuses in issue would have probably been averted.
The lesson for CEOs: Don't worry so much about where your shipments are, but take care where you place RFID interrogators. A more important lesson is to have the RFID system fully ramped up before you try to use it.
They then faced eight hours of gruelling questioning by the interrogators, including former members of the SAS.
The second manual, entitled "CIA, Human Resource Exploitation Manual-1983," repeated passages verbatim from the first one and instructed interrogators "to create unpleasant or intolerable situations, to disrupt patterns of time, space, and sensory perception"--tactics that U.S.
"But the men asking the questions are probably the two most feared interrogators in the business.
If Carnesecchi happened to mention a person he had met in France, his interrogators immediately wanted to know whether that person was a heretic.
BAE SYSTEMS North America announced recently that its Advanced Systems business unit, with headquarters in Greenlawn, New York, has received AIMS level certification of its AN/UPX-37 IFF Digital Interrogator from the U.S.
They also were told that had they been questioned in the United States, they would have had the right to have an attorney present during questioning, but because they were not in the United States, the interrogators could not ensure that a lawyer would be appointed before questioning.
In the great majority of cases, however, suspects respond to the Miranda warnings by waiving their rights.(18) Once those rights have been waived, the restraints Miranda imposes on police interrogators are minimal.
He told interrogators that he and the resident editor had forced Malik to sign agreements with them on stamp papers for the payment of money.
Many of the AEF's interrogators had been lawyers in their civilian lives and could coax information out of the most recalcitrant prisoner.
Speaking at a press conference in Ramallah, central West Bank, following their release, Farrah and Zaatari said Israeli interrogators also intimidate and verbally abuse the minor detainees, as well as force them occasionally to receive medical drugs that cause hallucinations.