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Additionally, their algorithm does not consider throughput maximization, instead it focuses on interrupt and latency minimization.
By using built-in HPF and freefall event detection scheme, the accelerometer delivers robust interrupt signal for wakeup and motionless to the microprocessor from its one interrupt pin.
5 Real-Time Data Acquisition Interrupt Response of PowerDAQ Multifunction PCI Card Under Linux 2.
What factors could interrupt sources of long-term debt and equity funds to finance productive assets?
Instead, we should integrate control of the network interrupt handling subsystem into the operating system's scheduling mechanisms and policies.
Code generated by a compiler without OCG technology results in an average of 108 cycles to execute the interrupt service routine and main loop overhead for each byte of data.
Operating like a high-level logic analyzer, the EventAnalyzer displays all INTEGRITY context switches, API calls, interrupts and specified user events in a time-relative format using intuitive ICONs.
This may not seem like much, but in an interrupt intensive application, the CPU could spend thousands of extra cycles "awake," consuming power unnecessarily.
User productivity is improved because file system changes do not interrupt user access nor require desktop reconfiguration
Sleep mode disables all functions except the real-time clock, interrupt controller, power manager and general purpose I/O.
The packet is the basic unit of recovery in Ethernet, necessitating an interrupt that consumes CPU cycles after every frame.