interrupt work

See: strike
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com)-- Extended curing times for adhesives can often create a bottleneck in the production process which can interrupt work flow.
I expect us to be considered as victims and not just as women who wanted implants," said Mauro, whose implants ruptured twice, requiring her to interrupt work for treatments.
Telephone requests can sometimes interrupt work flows and can result in recording inaccurate details, especially during a busy surgery.
The 4D Viewer is seamlessly and fully integrated into the MetaMorph NX Software user interface - there is no need to open a separate application, interrupt work in progress, or require prerequisite processing to investigate the myriad relationships between objects in a three-dimensional display.
Some of the young yobs apparently get a kick out of sending the engines to their school - it can disrupt hated lessons, older yobs find they can interrupt work in much the same way.
The only minor frustration for Bobby is that he's had to interrupt work on his new album, which is set for an August release.
Most appraisers will simply want their firewall to step in when someone tries something, and thus not interrupt work.
Pipeliner Kinder Morgan has signed a contract with Southern California Edison that allows the electrical company to interrupt work flow in the event of a power outage.
White and Hispanic-origin women were more likely to interrupt work because of family responsibilities; 67 percent of the white women and 62 percent of the Hispanic-origin women, compared with 44 percent of the black women.
Because SPDs are now available online, presented in a user-friendly fashion, and easily searched, employees no longer interrupt work to contact the call center.
A Here is yet another example of a way for a company to interrupt work, generate unrest and spend lots of money all at the same time.