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Peace, my child,” interrupted the father; “ the youth is unjust; but I have not given him cause.
There I'm dead against you, and clearly with the trapper," interrupted Paul Hover.
The dog interrupted his master by a growl, but still kept his head crouched to the earth.
A football game in Limassol was interrupted for close to two hours on Monday evening after clashes between rival fans, which followed the injury of a ball boy by a firecracker.
Patients were 50 in each group divided alternatively as per the admission in hospital, in group A (odd number) in which continuous suture was applied & in group B (even number) in which interrupted suture (figure of 8) was applied.
The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) March's report showed a decline in the quality of mobile internet browsing (HTTP Browsing Test) in the Greater Cairo area, after 16,336 attempts to test the internet browsing quality through the three mobile networks--Vodafone, Orange, and Etisalat--of which 1,275 attempts were interrupted, which is an unprecedented number of interrupted attempts registered by the NTRA, because of an increased number of interrupted attempts through the Vodafone network.
The anchor had been presenting a piece on a demolition in Moscow when she was interrupted by the furry guest and seemed to be more of a cat person, pulling away and shrieking in fright.
SEASONED reporter Martina Fitzgerald managed to keep calm and carry on after she was rudely interrupted live on air yesterday.
Because it interrupted them in order to engage their attention.
Office workers are interrupted an average of six times an hour; some workers welcome the breaks if they're bored with the task at hand, but the interruptions could compromise their performance, according to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.
A recent study carried out by researchers from George Mason University revealed that an interrupted person may not necessarily go back to what it is he or she was last working on as there is an interlude in the train of thought which directly affects the quality of work.
What: Two Tigeriptec Silver geometries and two grades for cast iron machining: RK5 for roughing and RK7 for interrupted cuts.