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Conversation was here interrupted by the entrance of the porter's page, who announced that there was a stranger at the gate, imploring admittance and hospitality,
The cardinal saw what the king was about to say and interrupted him:
Delafield was soon interrupted by the cheerful voice of Maria Osgood, who cried--
her husband hastily interrupted her, as the door opened, and Sylvie and Bruno came in, with their arms twined lovingly round each other--Bruno sobbing convulsively, with his face hidden on his sister's shoulder, and Sylvie more grave and quiet, but with tears streaming down her cheeks.
I know it all,” interrupted Elizabeth; “I know it all.
Let us pass on to the strange, bold and ingenious idea," interrupted Mazarin, whose sagacity foresaw a check.
Further argument was interrupted by Tarzan, who, seeing that these strange men were not following him, had returned to their side.
A knock at the door interrupted this concert of joy and hope.
The manly voice again interrupted the artillery officer.
It's awkward to be interrupted in this way, isn't it?
My meditations were interrupted by a tremendous noise and conflict in another part of the cafe.
he said, trying to pick up the thread of his interrupted thought.