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Cal-ISO, the nonprofit agency that manages 75% of California's transmission power grid, directed SCE to curtail its interruptible customers and to reduce "firm" electrical load by approximately 800 megawatts shortly before 4 p.
Columbia Gulf said it expects to begin interruptible transportation service on Aug.
It is further attributed to an exceptionally strong third quarter in 1993 that reported a high level of interruptible transportation volumes on Texas Gas prior to implementation of Order 636.
EGS developed the pricing alternatives by applying forward pricing concepts to the natural gas industry, and approached Wisconsin Gas with the idea of marketing the program to its interruptible industrial customers," said Mark Frevert, managing director of EGS.
This bid will establish a contract to supply MSU-Billings, Billings, Montana, Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility (YCF), Miles City, Montana and Montana Women s Prison, Billings, MT hereafter referred to as "facilities with interruptible natural gas service for the period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017.
The other type of curtailment is caused by a rupture which is an extremely severe issue as both firm and interruptible customers can be affected.
Interruptible rate DR programs have been in existence for decades, and currently more than 100,000 generators are estimated to be enrolled in these programs across the nation.
Transportation revenue was up 35% year over year, which reflects cash flows from expansion projects and the impact of pipeline anomalies last year, but masks lower interruptible and short-term firm transportation revenue resulting from weaker natural gas price spreads.
Interruptible Rates--In many cases, rate discounts are available if a foundry becomes an interruptible power user as the plant will allow the power company to cut or reduce power service for a period when the power company needs to reduce its overall load.
Last month, the ANP allowed BG and US company Enron to use the pipeline on an interruptible basis, meaning they could only access idle capacity.
Concern about the price rises and supply constraints prompted a series of public meetings, at which some participants suggested that interruptible gas service contracts--by shifting demand to backup fuels when tight gas supplies forced service interruptions--were a key factor in the heating oil price spikes.
The following article is the Executive Summary from the recently published Energy Information Administration (EIA) report Impact of Interruptible Natural Gas Service on Northeast Heating Oil Demand, SR/OOG/2001-01.