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Beyond interruption of criminal activity, incarceration also interrupts the individual's relationship patterns and processes.
Race-free status return enables the interrupts for multiple commands to be aggregated to increase performance.
The microbe, Bacillus anthracis, produces a molecular complex that's called lethal toxin known to interrupt a cascade of signals inside macrophages, the immune cells that envelop and destroy bacteria (SN: 5/9/98, p.
No matter if you're sharing fab news or need budly advice, does she interrupt with, "That's nothing.
Operating like a high-level logic analyzer, the EventAnalyzer displays all INTEGRITY context switches, API calls, interrupts and specified user events in a time-relative format using intuitive ICONs.
Rubinstein said his laboratory experiments showed that leptin will link up with liver cells and interrupt a series of chemical reactions that normally are directed by insulin.
In a storage system built from general-purpose microprocessors, each step is performed sequentially and requires an interrupt service routine to be invoked.
To reduce board space, the VSC120 provides on-chip fan speed monitoring and PWM control, and up to 34-bits of user definable general purpose I/O with eight external interrupts.
Vacation interruption is defined as when a hotel substantially interrupts all operations for 24 hours or longer (not including day of departure).
In particular, system designers should consider taking advantage of PCI Express enhancements to interrupts, quality of service, power management and error correction and detection capabilities.
The electronic payment reminder system, which interrupts the car's starter if payments are late, substantially reduces the risk normally associated with financing cars to individuals with low credit scores.
A Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) can be defined for a sequence of up to 64 frames, allowing Fibre Channel to transfer much more data between host interrupts than Ethernet.