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This effect comes from the optimal settings' ability to minimize kernel interrupt generation, hence the CPU cycles can be preserved.
Code generated by a compiler without OCG technology results in an average of 108 cycles to execute the interrupt service routine and main loop overhead for each byte of data.
Breaks in the confirmation process can also occur when the identity holder is so rigid in requiring reflected appraisal to match the identity standard that constant readjustments of behaviors interrupt other processes.
Another key status return capability is that the Set Device Bits FIS can notify the host that multiple commands have been completed at the same time, ensuring that the host receives just one interrupt for multiple command completions.
Actually, there are four elements that contribute to the overall delay between an interrupt and the time the associated application program starts to run: interrupt latency, interrupt handler duration, scheduler latency, and scheduling duration.
The new RTOS, which now supports PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, and XScale processors, features full memory protection and guaranteed resource availability, yet still delivers sub-200-nsec interrupt response and sub-microsecond context switching (as measured on a 233-MHz processor).
Note that whereas I/O devices such as disks generate interrupts only as a result of requests from the operating system, and so are inherently flow-controlled, network interfaces generate unsolicited receive interrupts.
The way in which the compiler manages interrupts and memory usage can have a significant impact on power consumption.
In a storage system built from general-purpose microprocessors, each step is performed sequentially and requires an interrupt service routine to be invoked.
By placing the processor into the Sleep mode, only active modules are powered to respond to interrupts and wake up signal requests.
A Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) can be defined for a sequence of up to 64 frames, allowing Fibre Channel to transfer much more data between host interrupts than Ethernet.
The electronic payment reminder system, which interrupts the car's starter if payments are late, substantially reduces the risk normally associated with financing cars to individuals with low credit scores.