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about the width of an ordinary cell), and were in depth about one sixth of the diameter of the sphere of which they formed a part, the rims of the basins intersected or broke into each other.
Below them, the roads, intersected by "nullahs," a sort of instantaneous torrent, were soon rendered impracticable, entangled as they were, besides, with thorny thickets and gigantic lianas, or creeping vines.
has intersected nickel mineralization at the property's South Zone.
The best intersect was 1 meter in TRC-002 from 60 to 61 meters that intersected 0.
Back in November 2004, drill hole McF-04-57 intersected an average of 8.
The majority of the 15 diamond drill holes completed in the spring 2006 drill program intersected basement rocks with variable amounts of graphite in part confirming the conductors detected by the GEOTEM 1000 and Megatem II airborne surveys.
Mina Rica #4 drill hole which intersected 451 metres (from the surface) grading 0.
Hole BRA03-08 was drilled on a 46o incline from the south to the north across the northern lobe of the pipe, and intersected the southwestern margin of the pipe at a down-hole depth of 34 metres.
The first hole FW-06-02 tested a geophysically inferred extension of a massive sulphide intersection drilled in 2004 by KWG and Spider, where hole McF-04-40 on Line 1800 NE on this same conductor, intersected 2.
This hole intersected leachable Cu (85% chalcocite) from only 12 metres (m) to a depth of 300 m (end of hole).
Tiba 3 SE Zone: Hole TBC657 intersected 16m grading 2.
Hole RV-13 intersected, from 800 to 1070ft depth -below a younger basalt flow- a limy shale sequence.