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Like Anwar and Rumsfeld, we too believe the redemptive powers of the screen will somehow work its magic, will magically fill the empty interstice (with moral instruction to boot), with the added cowardice of not facing up to our own (Western) atrocities, all the while consuming others only too willing to do so in our stead.
Marina Warner has argued that it is in the interstices between inconsistent cultures and ideas that creativity and new paradigms--metamorphoses--arise.
Les Interstices en tant que processus : Maintenant, je vais rentrer dans une mise en place de l'interstice par rapport a la groupalite de l'institution.
1, the plays S-r and S+r corresponding to the minimum interstice and the maximum interstice respectively shall occur diametrically opposed.
Elytra shortly oval; rather convex; finely striate, striae shiny, rather deep, very superficially punctured, not crenulate; juxtasutural interstice moderately convex, rather superficially microreticulate thus somewhat shiny, finely but distinctly punctured; second and third interstices feebly convex from base till the half of disc, than flat and strongly microreticulate as all other interstices; latter strongly microreticulate, faintly punctured and with two lateral rows of very short yellowish hairs.
I personally hate the place but Bryan Smart has his horses running out of their skins there and this one is certainly due a win after a solid run there last time behind Interstice, who franked the form on Thursday.
As these variations in oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon reside in interstice positions in the austenitic stainless steel atomic lattices, they produce the micro-architecture of SSP.
Name From of the Kalasa Lower shape, form 13 Interstice 9 Interstice 10 Interstice 9 Interstice 9 Interstice 10 Interstice 5 Interstice 3 Size of neck 2 Wood of the Wheel 7 ku of the Cudamani 1 Part of the stone 11
The awkward interstice between college and grown-up, settled-down life gets a light-weight but agreeable treatment in "Dish Dogs," a heartfelt buddy comedy distinguished by its crisp handling and spirited young cast.
So we took that image to heart and found the extraordinary Ligne Roset Interstice low occasional table from Barker and Stonehouse.
Conceived as an artistic-ethnographic project, Interstice is a photo series about the cave-dwelling communities of Masafer Yatta and their unique way of life, their challenges and their transformations in a changing landscape.