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One conclusion we might entertain is that both Anwar Congo and Donald Rumsfeld were acting within localized communities, pursuing "justice" in equally demented ways and that by virtue of spotlighting each, both Morris and Oppenheimer have reminded us that whatever we take justice to be, it occurs, indeed, in the interstices between narrow-minded ideologies, just as Zizek intimated.
The multi-phase and multistage formation of these trapiche rubies is due to repeated dendritic growth under high-driving-force conditions, followed by an infilling process within the interstices of the arms through a layer-by-layer growth mechanism.
Drawing on what Michael Mann (1986) calls 'interstitial emergence', he argues: "Furthermore, not only these modes of organization are important but also the informal spaces that are created in between, in the interstices. Inhabited by diasporas, migrants, exiles, refugees, nomads ..." (Nederveen Pieterse, 1995, pages 50-51).
The paper falls into two parts: the first half addresses the evidence for the presence of void in Asclepiades' theory, and concludes that his conception of void was basically that of Epicurus; the second half focuses on the precise nature of Asclepiadean pores, and seeks to show that they represent void interstices between the primary particles of matter that constitute the human body, and are thus exactly analogous to the void interstices between atoms within solid objects in Epicurus' theory.--Correspondence to:
The new Element steam control valve overcomes these problems with a proprietary stainless steel construction that is clean line, so there are no interstices for dirt to accumulate - and no paint to peel.
It isn't about "making" but "moving." Meaning is accrued through an accretion of interstices that capture "those out of the way places that secure their own escape." Resilient insistence on nuance leads to bold patterns of identity.
How the exhibition will compare to the Victoria and Albert Museum's design-focused "Surreal Things," mounted in 2007, remains to be seen; the Schirn promises a broader spectrum of objecthood and its interstices, and consideration of these in the context of later Surrealist theory--a welcome prospect indeed.
Quand les interstices fonctionnent bien, on ne se pose pas de questions.
The longer curing time allows the PUR/ glass fibre mix to flow readily into narrow interstices, which is necessary to produce parts with integrated ribs for extra strength.
Some remarkably resilient immigrants on their uncertain sojourn on makeshift, intermittently powered fishing boats from West Africa, were followed by artist lenses through the rigors of European immigration control and into the interstices of European society.
Shannon, "Sons of the South: An Examination of the Interstices in the Works of August Wilson and Tennessee Williams" (122-35); Brenda Murphy, "Williams, Mamet, and the Artist in Extremis" (136-47); Verna A.
upon a displacement r of this point and consequent upon this the occurrence of two interstices, one of minimum size and one of a maximum size, between the spindle and the sleeve.