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One conclusion we might entertain is that both Anwar Congo and Donald Rumsfeld were acting within localized communities, pursuing "justice" in equally demented ways and that by virtue of spotlighting each, both Morris and Oppenheimer have reminded us that whatever we take justice to be, it occurs, indeed, in the interstices between narrow-minded ideologies, just as Zizek intimated.
The interstitial sectors are formed by a layer-by-layer growth mechanism on a smooth interface and a later infilling process within the interstices between the previously-formed dendritic arms and branches.
Through light and colour, momentarily perceived through receptors placed in different sites on the surface of the planet, he and his fellow researchers gain a fleeting and nearly imperceptible impression of phenomena occuring in the interstices between outer space, the atmosphere and the planet Earth that can be captured only through the manipulation of light through the camera lens.
Des disjointements sont apparus au niveau des interstices de l'echangeur longeant le parc des sports Mounir Kebaili dans le centre-ville de Tunis, presentant un grand danger pour les automobilistes.
So the deeper chamber is like fudge--mostly solids and crystals, a little liquid running around in the interstices.
Even the ordinary can become magical once it's re-oriented, and in Off the Map, he explores unmapped places, from a Ballardian excursion onto a traffic island in the interstices of a motorway system to North Korea's uninhabited city of Kijong-dong, built to lure defectors from its neighbour by showcasing the technological advancements achieved under Communism.
A fill compound is continuously applied into the conductor interstices which helps prevent longitudinal water migration.
Marina Warner has argued that it is in the interstices between inconsistent cultures and ideas that creativity and new paradigms--metamorphoses--arise.
They find no definitive vision, but suggest that new insights emerge in the interstices between approaches.
Condom Lead, featuring zero spoken dialogue or music, is based completely on image and background noise to transmit a universal vignette of what becomes of ordinary passions between a man and a woman in the interstices of war's heightened reality.
Fluoroscopic studies may outline a large mottled intraluminal filling defect in the stomach and duodenum that may extend into the small bowel with barium often trapped within the interstices.
La tradition invite les devots juifs a glisser un morceau de papier roule exprimant leurs voeux et espoirs dans les interstices des antiques blocs de pierres de ce mur, vestige du second Temple juif detruit par les legions romaines de Titus en 70 de l'ere chretienne.