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Lymphocytes, monocytes and plasmocytes composed the interstitial infiltrate.
Chest radiograph showed air space pneumonia in 86 (73%) patients; interstitial infiltrate in 22 (19%); and bronchopneumonia in 10 (8%).
A clinical diagnosis of PCP was made in patients with 'atypical' pneumonia with the following features: (i) hypoxia out of proportion to the clinical findings on auscultation; (ii) C-reactive protein (CRP) count less than 10 mg/l, or low; (iii) lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) level above 500 IU/l; (iv) bilateral perihilar interstitial infiltrates on chest radiograph (CXR), compatible with a diagnosis of PCP; and (v) positive HIV enzyme-linked immunosorbert assay (ELISA).
32,34) In other patients the distinction hinges on identifying areas away from the fibrosis that demonstrate the classic combination of a cellular, bronchiolocentric, lymphocyte-rich, interstitial infiltrate with the characteristic pattern of associated granulomatous inflammation.
While LIP shows a predominantly interstitial infiltrate of T cells (CD3+), follicular bronchiolitis consists of peribronchial reactive lymphoid follicles expressing B-cell markers ([CD20.
After the completion of amphotericin B, a chest radiograph showed resolution of the effusion and interstitial infiltrate with some remaining patchy consolidation in the upper lobe of the left lung (Figure 4).
Chest x-ray findings in patients with pneumonia can reveal either lobar consolidation or interstitial infiltrates.
Chest X-ray typically shows diffuse interstitial infiltrates.
His computed tomographic (CT) scan showed interstitial infiltrates with lower lobes predominance (Figure 1).
Cellular interstitial infiltrates, the presumed precursor to the fibrosis, are commonly seen.

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