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Here the choreography achieves a beautiful, hell-bent fury as it effortlessly intertwines narrative and emotion.
Featuring sleek, futuristic hi-tech gadgets, sexy photography and hot new inventions, T3 is the only magazine on the market that seamlessly intertwines technology with lifestyle.
Stableford masterfully intertwines the Tam Lin fairy tale into his technological world as Madoc discusses philosophical issues with the "Fairy Queen.
The unkin are fighting for control over all worlds including the Vellum, a reality, unknown to humans, that intertwines with our own.
Fundamental Math intertwines solid pedagogy with graphically rich and engaging activities to motivate student exploration of math concepts.
Irene Radford uses actual historical events and intertwines then with the Pendragon magic to create a fascinating and riveting tale.
Powell intertwines anecdotal information about his life experiences throughout the book.
The story moves from the present to the past as it intertwines the fascinating history of Harvard with the richly detailed Wedge family.
With genius, Fountain intertwines social commentary with his faith journey.