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It intertwines a personal tribute on a sad occasion with a personal memory of the role of Franco Ferraresi in the birth and early years of the institution, and with a memory of its birth which is more substa ntive than archives permit.
Irene Radford uses actual historical events and intertwines then with the Pendragon magic to create a fascinating and riveting tale.
Powell intertwines anecdotal information about his life experiences throughout the book.
The story moves from the present to the past as it intertwines the fascinating history of Harvard with the richly detailed Wedge family.
With genius, Fountain intertwines social commentary with his faith journey.
Enchanter, by novelist David Dibble, is a fascinating saga that intertwines, romance, magic, acting, and deceit.
In the substance MOF-9, the metal-organic framework intertwines but still has accessible pores.
In HK97's outer shell, each face intertwines (arrow, for example) with neighboring ones.