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Jabhat al Nusra derives its strength from its intertwinement with Syrian groups that represent much of Syria's majority Sunni population.
A consistent body of literature has already focused the attention to the "dark side" of those pacifying projects, thus pointing at the necessary intertwinement of logos and violence (Benjamin, 1999; Foucault, 1972; Marx, 1867/1990; Weber, 1968).
European Anthropologies: The intertwinement of intellectual traditions.
Because of their complexity and degree of intertwinement, shadow banking activities could contribute to lack of transparency, mispricing and to the instability of the global financial system.
And this intertwinement between what is bilateral, regional, and international at the intersection of stable friendships implies wide mutual commitments measured by actions and not just intentions.
Perhaps, only by returning to the historical development of the relations between religion and politics in temples after analysing the methods of division and management of Tibetan Buddhist organisations in the Qing Dynasty can we truly picture history as a wool ball, which is analogous to the state of being constantly drawn apart and spun together, resulting in an intertwinement of struggle between constancy and cleavage.
It's not only that ethics is unthinkable outside the domain of the political, but that thinking itself depends on the complex intertwinement of the two.
The intertwinement of the state and Aboriginal subjectivity is an idea that is at once obvious and profound.
Phenomenological accounts attentive to the embodied aspects of smoking also highlight its positive temporal dimensions, the corporeal connections it engenders, and the inextricable intertwinement of the risks and pleasures of the habit (Dennis, 2006, 2011; Keane, 2002; Klein, 1993).
Not only do these theories suggest an interrelationship between rights and remedies, but they also reveal a deep intertwinement between the underlying normative aims of our copyright system and the adjudicative sequences that further them.
The financial Crowns' intertwinement with domestic political and business institutions, however, makes their rapid unwinding unrealistic.
This timing of the emphasis on economic security is not surprising, given that China had recently acceded to the World Trade Organization, opening itself up to increasing intertwinement with the global economy.