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Their political interests were local and their religious interests traditional, a good example of the intertwining of religion and politics that is a recurrent theme of this book.
0-09-11-2011 to 0015) and the creation of the royal intertwining electric transport, construction szell kalman square branch (top-5-5-09-11 within the framework of 2011-0016) a contract.
Creatively presenting the devilish intentions and pursuits of the four lead characters and their intertwining fates of the four books, Double Daggers is a riveting historical interpretation of the great mythical powers of the legendary Roman coin.
Intertwining fantasy, reality, the straight-up peculiar, The Empire Of Ice Cream showcases: The Annals of Eelin-Ok, Jupiter's Skull, A Night in the Tropics, The Beautiful Gelreesh, Boatman's Holiday, Botch Town, A Man of Light, The Green Word, Giant Land, Coffins on the River, Summer Afternoon, The Weight of Words, The Trentino Kid, and the title piece, The Empire of Ice Cream.
Au means 'meeting' in Japanese and the fluid forms resemble the intertwining symbols of yin and yan.
The intertwining of the historical along with the humorous is beautifully accomplished by Peck, who reads an afterword with detailed information about the 1893 Exposition.
Located at Orlando's Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, ride the Fire Dragon or the Ice Dragon as they narrowly pass within inches of one another on the intertwining tracks.
Deftly intertwining the themes of ancient Mayan beliefs and calendars telling of the world's end on December 27, 2012, and a struggle to discover the key to prolonging the span of the world, Mayan Equinox reveals Palmer's determination as he must deal with skeptical policemen while haunted by a dark secret from his own past.
There is an intertwining of personal histories, classical and mythological references (Stourhead) and feuds among designers, accompanied by graphic descriptions and illustrations of the experience of the gardens.
Deftly intertwining real places, people, and occurrences of the era, Reluctant Goddess swiftly carries readers through countless twists and turns of fortune as the aspiring young queen must escape from hired assassins and survive the relentless efforts toward her demise with only the faith of the Gods to provide her with inspiration to reclaim her birth-right name as Queen of Egypt.
This comprehensive study of the way in which the design of skyscrapers is driven by a complex intertwining of economics, advances in structural engineering, materials, lighting, heating, ventilating, plumbing and elevator technologies and the shifting attitudes about appropriate form and style.