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"In the intervening night of August 3 and 4, on specific information, troops of under command Battalions of North Bengal frontier, Border Security Force, carried out a special Anti-Smuggling drive in their respective border areas and seized 560 bottles of Phensedyl cough syrup and 22 cattle worth Rs 3,11,321 from different border areas," a BSF release stated.
Following our decision, the Intervening Krizans filed a motion in the circuit court seeking statutory interest on the $430,000 from the date of payment.
Ontario is intervening in the Government of Saskatchewans reference challenging the federal carbon tax, in addition to bringing its own reference to the Ontario Court of Appeal.
DDD was initiated 4 weeks before diabetes was induced in the DDD early-phase intervening group.
The case for not intervening is also rather simply put.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Parliament has started discussing the fifth judicial reform package, including an amendment to current legislation that criminalizes intervening in a judicial process.
In many cases, the key to observing such effects where others had instead observed repetition priming (Kwak & Egeth, 1992; Tanaka & Shimojo, 1996) appears to be the insertion of an intervening event between cue and target in a cue-target procedure (Law et al., 1995), or the insertion of an intervening event that is responded to between consecutive targets in a target-target procedure (Spadaro et al., 2012).
And hardly a day goes by without a discussion taking place on a television show about the return of the Egyptian army to the forefront of the scene once again, or an article being written about the reasons for the military institution refraining so far from intervening to put a stop to the campaigns being waged against the opposition and to the Muslim Brotherhood's rule of the country!
A MAN and woman were assaulted after intervening in a fight.
ECB president Mario Draghi has so far ruled out the bank intervening massively to buy up Spanish debt.
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen Thursday stressed that the Alliance has no intention of intervening in Syria."We have no intention whatsoever to intervene in Syria.
What are the school's expectations for intervening? Is that a job just for teachers?