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Simply put, by intervening we put the welfare of strangers above the welfare of our own family.
One of these new articles is Article 52 of the package, which makes changes to Article 277 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), in which intervening in the judiciary is defined as a crime.
As noted above, in some variants of the IOR procedure a peripheral cue is followed by an intervening event, usually a cue presented centrally.
And Mr Mallon has commended the efforts of Mark Fenwick - the Coulby Newham man who faced an assault charge after intervening when a gang of around 20 youths attacked his home.
We had an accident reconstruction expert who took a look at the case, and it appeared we have might have a problem with intervening acts.
The first step is to "stop the bleeding" by intervening to prevent the conflict from escalating (Figure 1).
02(2) permits a taxpayer to claim a deduction not to exceed the vehicle's FMV if the charity intends to make "significant intervening use of or material improvement to" the vehicle.
A taxpayer may deduct the fair market value of an auto if the charity intends to make "significant intervening use of or "material improvement to" the car.
Bush for intervening, asserting that both "have acted in a manner demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers' blueprint for the governance of a free people--our Constitution.
Intervening variables are scores on "Information about Using WebCT" statements, Attendance at Orientation for each of dependent variables, Completion of Readiness Assessment, Prior Experience Taking Online Courses, and Frequency of Course Visits.
And equally, therefore, those who came in to take parishes under their wing were also breaching communion by not paying attention to the traditions of the church around not intervening and not consulting.
But Jesus' intervening, loving action allows us to become beloved children, and we have the promise of being welcomed home.