intervening party

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Beside the Perincek and Switzerland, Armenia had also attended as intervening party the hearing in which ECtHR listened the parties held on 28th of January.
Long-term intervention with boots on the ground is likely to suck any intervening party into a quagmire where outright military victory is almost impossible.
The Azanian People Liberation Army Military Veterans Association (APLAMVA) is joined in these proceedings as an Intervening Party.
While the Association was a formal intervening party to the case, it did not sign onto the settlement.
Bank Austria, which has since sold the unit, is acting as the leading intervening party in the lawsuit.
The Stoney Nakoda Nation, as an intervening party, has brought forward a number of concerns including environmental and economic implications as well as the evacuation plan.
Any possible intervening party will now only be trying to feather its own
Celsius was an intervening party in the EQB's action against Millipore Cidra.
As a result of the conclusion of this transaction the rights of Bradesplan and Bradespar, respectively as a party and an intervening party to the Net Shareholders' Agreement currently in force, are terminated.
The route which passes down Walnut Road was suggested by City Attorney Alan Kesne in June and said, It would be supported by Milwaukee County, which is an intervening party along with the city .
19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo - Sabesp (NYSE: SBS; Bovespa: SBSP3), hereby announces that the Company, the State of Sao Paulo, through its Finance Secretariat and the Department of Water and Energy, and the Sanitation and Energy Secretariat, as intervening party, executed the Third Amendment to the Term of Acknowledgment of Obligations, Payment Commitment and Other Covenants, aiming at setting out the doubts related to the retirement and pension supplementary benefits, paid by the Company and not reimbursed by the state government.
We believe this is a stalling tactic by the Michigan Association of Home Builders to avoid moving forward with cost-effective energy efficiency measures," said Alecia Ward, President and CEO of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, an intervening party to the case.