intervening period

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To remind'; and passed the intervening period in a state of dotage.
During the intervening period I had no time to nurse chimeras; and I believe I was as active and gay as anybody--Adele excepted.
Tai said that in the intervening period new technologies have been developed and advanced facilities established.
To allow Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) to fill up such number of posts by deputation of Group 'A' officers of the Department of Telecommunications(DoT) and other Ministries, with Telecommunication and Information Technology background, for the intervening period i.
In the intervening period, Bessant has agreed to oversee both roles.
Since the ICT administration was working on a draft law, therefore, in the intervening period inspections of poultry farms were made to check / verify whether feed was being procured from registered feed mills or not, he said.
Chairman Harry Wilson said: "There can be no guarantee that the bank will provide facilities beyond 31 May 2018, and the company is likely to require access to further liquidity in the intervening period.
If the damage to the roof occurred in the intervening period, that should have been disclosed to you and may be the seller's responsibility.
Even though the gestation period for the article was longer than an elephant's and in the intervening period I had built several ARs of various calibers, I still found it extremely informative and exactly as I had hoped it would be.
In the intervening period, the CMA said it would allow those who applied for authorisation before 1 September 2015 to conduct rating activity till they receive the CMA licence and the commencement of business letter no later than 31 August 2016.
Now the 800 metres freestyle Commonwealth Games champion and world medallist - behind peerless world record holder Katie Ledecky of the United States - is determined to claim a podium place in Rio after a successful intervening period.
The deferred six days of the suspension are due to expire on August 24 but will be triggered by any further breach of the rules during the intervening period.