intervening time

References in classic literature ?
This invitation of Mary's removed all Lady Russell's difficulties, and it was consequently soon settled that Anne should not go to Bath till Lady Russell took her, and that all the intervening time should be divided between Uppercross Cottage and Kellynch Lodge.
Two days later, though vowing in the intervening time to have nothing further to do with the instrument of the devil, he permitted Saxon to assist him to a second shave.
Therefore he rang the bell, and tossing himself negligently on a sofa, ordered 'Some dinner at six - with a beefsteak in it,' and got through the intervening time as well as he could.
Then I saw, as though all the intervening time had been cancelled, and I were still standing in the doorway on the night of the departure, the expression of that night in the face of Mrs.
She had once told him that she often went there, and he had a fancy to spend the intervening time in a place where he could think of her as perhaps having lately been.
In the intervening time Turkey resumed bombing attacks on Syrian Kurds and violence flared in the country's volatile southeast.
However, in the intervening time, it seems Carrie has become more settled, with her two-year-old daughter Frannie bringing some peace to her troubled life.
These individuals had 30 days to select the insurance plan they wanted and had "bridge" coverage during the intervening time period.
Perry was candid about the mistakes he made in that first campaign and in the intervening time immersed himself in the details of domestic and international policies.
Furthermore, it can take weeks or months far a case to come to trial and in that intervening time an accused can lose his job, friends and generally have his life ruined.
In the intervening time, Chinese students of a matching age category will have the In the intervening time, Chinese students of a matching age category will have the pleasure of exploring England in a similar fashion.
He said MBA and its members and affiliated associations will continue the fight to reauthorize the program in the intervening time before Congress reconvenes in January.