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having a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of testing and imaging procedures , interventionism , nuclear medicine and radiotherapy , through a partnership agreement between the public and the private sector .
interventionism is making us less safe and less free.
This is because a greater evil has beset the region and not because of American interventionism.
In their view, the gravest problems of the Macedonian journalism are auto -censorship, journalist Kezarovski's case, state interventionism with the government advertisements, the excessive penalties for journalists, the partisan justice sys-tem and the legitimate doubts concerning jour-nalist Nikola Mladenov's death.
Summary: With France launching its third "humanitarian" military operation in as many years -- this time in the Central African Republic -- interventionism, which seemed discredited after the United States decided to invade Iraq, seems to have returned as an accepted norm in international affairs.
Additionally, while appreciating public choice analysis of government policy, Holcombe directs the reader to the more complete Austrian critique of socialism and interventionism that emphasizes the importance of economic calculation.
Sadly, the arguments for benefits, for the state, for interventionism are lost.
In a novel he translated personally from Arabic to English, Tawfik situates the elements of American interventionism, intellectual identity, and Internet culture within the complex panorama of urban Cairo.
Already in naming Susan Rice and Samantha Power to key national security posts, Obama on June 5 had turned to two key advocates of liberal interventionism, a foreign-policy credo calling for the US to defend human rights by military means if necessary.
The use of guns by police is the last and most painful form of state interventionism in constitutionally protected human rights, according to Ombudswoman, Eliza Savvidou's office.
Liberal Interventionism and Democracy Promotion, edited by political scientist Dursun Peksen, offers a light at the end of the tunnel for those policymakers and practitioners involved in the business of democracy promotion.
As far as China is concerned, the government is conducting a policy of interventionism and safeguarding agricultural production that includes guaranteed minimal prices ($258/ton for wheat and $291/ton for rice in 2010), direct income support, social protection programs as well as tax relief…

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