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Acupuncture needle 3 is a tool resolving the synechia of intervertebral foramen. When lumbar spinal stenosis occurs, the tissues of intervertebral foramen (periosteum, connective tissue, and nerve root adventitia) tend to harden and thicken, often causing calcification [29].
Those KMRI images make possible a detailed depiction of abnormalities derived from varying joints or spinal column postures, including spinal canal and/or intervertebral foramen narrowing and dysfunction of a facet joint apparent in lumbar spine KMRI, ligament dysfunction and meniscus deformation apparent in knee KMRI, and impingement syndromes, osteochondral defects, and loose bodies apparent in ankle KMRI.
* Intervertebral foramen (also called neural foramen)--an opening between vertebrae through which nerves leave the spine and extend to other parts of the body.
Contract Awarded for One package 1 set of color doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment procurement and installation; Second package 1 set of intervertebral foramen surgery system procurement and installation.