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To address this issue and avoid "an absurd patchwork of laws" (Interviewee 9, Ind), several interviewees pointed to the need for international agreements, particularly an international framework for data sharing.
Interviewee D noted that accounting students "need additional specialized law papers" in areas such as company, taxation and insolvency.
An interviewee should determine key message points, research important facts and figures, and come up with anecdotes and illustrations before the interview.
According to the interviewees, the control of the results is done to see if the goal was reached, without the need to identify the factors that influenced the result.
Structurally, interviewees described prioritizing the EEWG sessions, attending consistently, arriving on time, bringing realistic yet challenging goals, and checking up on anyone who missed a session.
In this regard, more transparency and accountability are needed in the approval process of labour quotas (Interview, Interviewee I, 12 September 2011b; Interview, Interviewee N, 31 August 2011; Interview, Interviewee H, 22 April 2013; Leong, 2007; Loi & Woo, 2010).
While it may be a self-evident conclusion given Domosh and Seager (2001) and Cichocki's (1980) feminist arguments about mobility in patriarchal societies, not a single male interviewee cited their gender as a basis of their orientation toward social justice.
The WTP remained anchored to the initial value, that is, the interviewee revealed a strategic behaviour and did not feel stimulated in accepting any value higher than the one initially suggested.
One interviewee was a graduate student working on a spatial-data research project; one regularly dealt with spatially referenced data as part of the respondent's employment, although the role the respondent held in this study was as a volunteer citizen on a municipal committee.
Sixty-five people who moved to the city from Ireland between 1940 and 1970 will feature in a 30-minute documentary put together by the society, who spent hundreds of hours with interviewees to understand their journey to Coventry.