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In this interview the partners endeavored to impress the monarch with a sense of their importance, and of the importance of the association to which they belonged.
I am afraid I disturb an interesting interview," said Newman.
It included a number of press cuttings of interviews and also several letters in German, then some in the same German handwriting, but in English.
His visits were always marked by the same show of confidence, and in his interviews with Terence he always waved aside his anxious and minute questions with a kind of flourish which seemed to indicate that they were all taking it much too seriously.
Lydgate by this time had had many interviews with her, and found her more and more adorable.
Crowds followed the cab, cheering it lustily; charming girls scaled it to get his autograph; interviews appeared in the better class of papers, and society invited him to dinner and added, "Do come in the kennel.
Only those who have felt the like can imagine my feelings, as I sat with an assumption of smiling indifference, listening to the accounts of those meetings and interviews with Mr.
There was an account of the tragedy; there were interviews with some of the passengers, a message from the captain.
The coming meeting had been the excuse for these continual interviews, but now the meeting was over, and still the Doctor would refer every point which rose to the judgment of his neighbor.
Daylight grinned to himself, and gave out ambiguous interviews.
Now, as Polly was by no means a perfect creature, I am free to confess that the old temptation assailed her more than once that week, for, when the first excitement of the dodging reform had subsided, she missed the pleasant little interviews that used to put a certain flavor of romance into her dull, hard-working days.
How could I keep my temper, unless I kept as much as possible out of the way of private interviews with her?