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There may also be migration of neutrophils into the intervillous space, which may be compressed or obliterated (Figure 10).
Radioangiographic study of circulation in the villi and intervillous space of isolated human placental cotyledon kept viable by perfusion [Letter] [in French].
Intervillous space uneven: some dilated in some areas and narrowed in others.
Accumulation of infected erythrocytes in placental intervillous spaces characterizes malaria during pregnancy (3).
The possible cause could be the reduced volume of placental villous and stromal tissue and more wide intervillous space as seen in current study.
Hypobaric hypoxia and villous trophoblast evidence that human pregnancy at high altitude (3600 m) perturbs epithelial turnover and coagulation-fibrinolysis in the intervillous space.
The increased turbulence in the intervillous space may damage the syncytium and increase perivillous fibrin deposition, so both the chronic injury of the perfusion of the placenta and/or nutritional deprivation could eventually lead to impaired development of the villi (5).
Maternal blood in the intervillous space allows gaseous and nutrient exchange.
Thus, about 3 g of syncytial tissue travels into the intervillous space and into the maternal circulation each day.
For the collection of STBM from placental perfusion, the intervillous space (maternal compartment) of a single cotyledon was perfused with an in vitro system, using a medium composed of NCTC-135 tissue culture medium diluted with Earle's buffer (1:1) with added glucose (1.
Thrombosis of spiral arteries and the intervillous space on the maternal side of the placenta can impair adequate placental perfusion.