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Accumulation of infected erythrocytes in placental intervillous spaces characterizes malaria during pregnancy (3).
The postuterine (PU) (postplacental) pattern of chronic hypoxic placental injury is due to primary villous changes resulting in decreased intake of oxygen from the intervillous space, as in retained stillbirth (Figure 2, C), subsets of FGR (Figure 2, D) and preeclampsia, and fetal thrombotic vasculopathy (only focally) (13,38) (Figure 2, E).
The experiments included a 20-min period of open perfusion of both compartments (pre-phase) to flush the blood out of the intervillous space and the villous vascular compartment and to allow recovery of the placental tissue from the ischemic period after delivery.
Thus, about 3 g of syncytial tissue travels into the intervillous space and into the maternal circulation each day.
For the collection of STBM from placental perfusion, the intervillous space (maternal compartment) of a single cotyledon was perfused with an in vitro system, using a medium composed of NCTC-135 tissue culture medium diluted with Earle's buffer (1:1) with added glucose (1.