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In contrast, finding a job for a disabled person in an outside company through Interwork cost pounds 3,500.
Remploy Interwork adviser Gareth Evans is based at Ely Enterprise Centre, and helps people from the Cardiff and surrounding area get a job.
Interwork is a specialist recruitment agency designed specifically to support disabled people and people with health conditions into work and has already helped more than 3,500 people.
For example, a user can use a personal tool to request a browser to obtain content from an investment Web service, then with that tool, interwork with the browser to access the retrieved content.
'Remploy Interwork wants everyone to benefit from a full and rewarding working life, and we provide a range of support to help people achieve their potential.'
For details of the help available, contact Remploy Interwork on 0845 8452211.
Remploy Interwork is a leading occupational case management and workplace disability advisor with more than 13 years experience in the field of disability.
Completely free and confidential, Remploy Interwork's services are run by trained employment advisers who help create a personal development plan for each applicant.
Remploy Interwork's Kate Brain said, 'The website sets new standards of service for disabled people seeking work.
Remploy Interwork has helped get jobs for more than 40 people from the area during the last year, and has been working in tandem with the government and big employers to provide meaningful jobs for people who want to work.
Remploy Interwork has employed Parenthesis to devise a national advertising campaign to increase the number of people it helps into work.
Peter Hill, BellSouth executive director - Intelligent Services Division, has led an effort to create a new architecture to make voice mail platforms supplied by different manufacturers interwork ...