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The company said that with the addition of Interwoven to the Autonomy group, Autonomy's IDOL technology can be used to extend Interwoven's web content capabilities across 100,000 corporate websites, intranets and extranets already powered by Interwoven.
The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution helps businesses create, deliver, analyze and apply content to transform their online presence, giving marketers a flexible and agile solution for converting prospects into customers.
With Interwoven's new Records Management product line, the IBM records management technology will extend the Interwoven 6 Platform to include leading-edge records management capabilities, such as well-defined processes for record retention and destruction backed by supporting audit trails complementing the comprehensive, easy-to-use collaborative content management capabilities provided by Interwoven.
The Interwoven Linux Solution allows enterprises to simplify their application environments, accelerate their adoption of Linux, and ultimately reduce TCO.
Using the solution, business customers can now search from within the Interwoven software environment to discover, preview, transform, and utilize rich-media assets stored in MediaBin.
By using Interwoven as our portal, we can ensure the success of our portal and manage our content lifecycle.
Interwoven offers tools and services to companies developing e-commerce web sites, as well as customer relationship management systems and supply chain management systems.
The Interwoven Worldwide Kickoff, held January 12-14 in San Francisco, CA, provided an opportunity for Roundarch to share with the Interwoven teams how Rich Internet Applications and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are closely tied to content management solutions and MVT/AB testing [using Optimost].
0943 shares of Interwoven stock for each share of iManage stock that they hold.
DALLAS -- DocAuto, the leading provider of matter-centric utilities and add-ins for Interwoven WorkSite, announced today at the annual ILTA Educational Conference the creation of its new "Quick Start" Package that bundles DocAuto's leading WorkSpace Manager product with Interwoven's Certified Matter-Centric Education Kit (CEK) and other professional training and implementation services through Interwoven's Professional Services group.
Interwoven delivers deep industry-specific solutions which reduce business process cycle time from initial collaboration through design, production, sales, marketing, legal review, IT and service.
has launched Interwoven 6, its the latest content management platform release.