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Effect of recombinant human growth hormone on intestinal absorption and body composition in children with short bowel syndrome.
Cholecystokinin-1 receptor gene (Cckl) knockout mice showed a higher cholesterol intestinal absorption efficiency, resulting in the excessive secretion of bile cholesterol and the formation of cholesterol stones [59].
Based on the threshold of 4.0 g of D-xylose over a 5hour urine collection period, only one participant (Subject 104) met criteria for impaired intestinal absorption, with a total urinary D-xylose excretion of 3.3 g (normal > 4.0 g).
Particles with a high positive surface charge like chitosan are usually attracted by the intestinal mucosa which helps in increasing the intestinal absorption of the encapsulated drug.
But this intake level may still be inadequate to reach optimal levels in many people, especially old people and those with impaired intestinal absorption.
Caco-2/TC7 cell line characterization for intestinal absorption: How reliable is this in vitro model for the prediction of the oral dose fraction absorbed in human?
using a simulated gastric medium and their effect on intestinal absorption. Food Chem., 134(4):1813-22, 2012.
Zirie explained that people commonly at risk of a vitamin D deficiency include those with inadequate sun exposure, limited oral vitamin D intake, or impaired intestinal absorption. "A vitamin D deficiency can occur if someone's exposure to sunlight is limited.
Because piperine is known to increase intestinal absorption by various mechanisms, it often is added to botanical medicines to increase bioavailability of active components.
General medications to treat short bowel syndrome include antibiotics to prevent bacterial overgrowth, H2 blockers to treat too much gastric acid secretion, proton pump inhibitors to treat too much gastric acid secretion, choleretic agents to improve bile flow and prevent liver disease, bile-salt binders to decrease diarrhea, anti-secretin agents to reduce gastric acid in the intestine, hypomotility agents to increase the time it takes food to travel through the intestines, leading to increased nutrient absorption, growth hormones to improve intestinal absorption, teduglutide to improve intestinal absorption.
Intestinal absorption, renal excretion, and re-absorption of phosphate are essential for whole body phosphorus homeostasis, especially for bone development.