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Intimate Partner Violence before and during pregnancy: Experiences of postpartum women in Karachi, Pakistan.
Still, many of us buy them in the hope that - unlike regular soaps, which are sometimes abrasive or irritating - they will promote intimate cleanliness without harming the health of this sensitive area.
If things start to collapse, sharing intimate memories on devices or online accounts goes from being a perfectly natural part of a loving relationship, to a potential privacy nightmare.
Furthermore, he said the Kaspersky Total Security features a File Shredder feature which permanently deletes files that you don't want anyone else to see, while intimate messages on your Android device can be hidden using the Privacy Protection feature.
It is against the law to make arrangements to perform an intimate piercing on a child or young person under the age of 18 in Wales.
The new law, which came into force on February 1, makes it an offence for piercing practitioners to arrange and/ or carry out an intimate piercing on Under-18s.
There are 10 specified intimate body areas where piercing is banned - including genitalia, nipples and tongues.
"Thomas will be playing indie music to a crowd of only 60 people so it's an intimate gig.
In order to shift the focus of research on intimate partner violence from response to prevention, specialists in partner and family violence from a number of disciplines and professions survey innovative prevention programs, including those designed to meet the needs of underserved groups.
The survey added a similar percentage "tend to self-diagnose using google" and 13% "wait until symptoms disappear" when experiencing intimate health problems.
The legislation tackling the malicious sending of naked pictures will cover anyone convicted of disclosing or threatening to disclose intimate photos or videos.