intimate connection

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They have, at the same time, an intimate connection with the more immediate design of this paper; which is, to illustrate the tendency of the Union to repress domestic faction and insurrection.
It is, however, doubtful how far this idea will explain the circumstances of torrents of rain falling in the dry season during several days, after an earthquake unaccompanied by an eruption; such cases seem to bespeak some more intimate connection between the atmospheric and subterranean regions.
In his opinion the powers of the intellect held intimate connection with the capabilities of the stomach.
Our findings suggest that it's important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, but you don't need to have sex every day as long as you're maintaining that connection.
Couples are already using KIIROO technology to maintain their intimate connection when they're apart.
Their intimate connection to cluster bombs and murder by fragmentation will never be erased from memory.
Excerpts from letters, memoirs and diaries, biographies, oral and family histories, official reports, newspaper articles, photographs and curriculum vitae are all richly combined to illuminate their individual lives and experiences, as well as their intimate connection with the history of Sydney itself.
You can feel the presence of ancient Omani sailors at the Maritime Hall of the museum where models of traditional Omani boats and related equipment provide an insight into the country's intimate connection with the sea as well as boat building, navigation skills, maritime trade and life at the sea in old times.
The industry is seeing an array of new applications, due to the close correlation between personal devices and information, and the intimate connection between mobile payment and daily lives.
com)-- Rosalyn Kahn, author is "known to have an intimate connection with her talks to senior" according to a past participant from at the Senior program held at the Felicia Mahood Center in Santa Monica.
I think now of the "dream webs" of the Andaman Islanders--who got out of the way of the recent Asian Tsunami because their dreams and their intimate connection with the animals and the Earth told them it was coming--who stage community "dream-ins" to solve community problems.
So without a majority of leaders with a very intimate connection to chemical dependency treatment, it's not clear whether the next generation of addiction treatment leaders will have the sense of mission, passion, and calling to ensure that the entire addiction treatment enterprise moves forward.