intimate connection

References in classic literature ?
They have, at the same time, an intimate connection with the more immediate design of this paper; which is, to illustrate the tendency of the Union to repress domestic faction and insurrection.
It is, however, doubtful how far this idea will explain the circumstances of torrents of rain falling in the dry season during several days, after an earthquake unaccompanied by an eruption; such cases seem to bespeak some more intimate connection between the atmospheric and subterranean regions.
In his opinion the powers of the intellect held intimate connection with the capabilities of the stomach.
was safely delivered of a son and heir; a very interesting and satisfactory paragraph, at least to all those intimate connections who knew it before.
This 'By Starlight' exhibition, which runs until October 19, explores the intimate connection we share with the celestial world through nature, drawing inspiration from our British countryside; the secret tales of our animals, land and skyline.
'It's going to be an exciting and intimate Connection as we worship together with believers built with one Spirit and one Faith in the presence of God.
'This advances our understanding of the intimate connection between written and spoken language.'
Instead there was an intimate connection with the audience, sincere observations about society's plight, and some weird and wonderful instruments he used for songs, rhymes and, most spectacularly, a 90s dance track which sampled Theresa May.
Without the strong immune system needed to protect themselves from possible viruses and bacteria which originated on Earth, an intimate connection between the two groups might actually be fatal for "Martian" humans.
On making its TV debut, Fleabag received rave reviews as it broke the fourth wall by featuring the main character - also called Fleabag - talking to the camera, creating an intimate connection between Fleabag and the audience.
Together, they embark on a life-affirming journey from America to Amsterdam and form an intimate connection with each other.
Hands-free Direct messaging could make Instagram a more appealing chat app for drivers, people on the move with their hands full or users in the developing world who want a more intimate connection without having to pay for the data for long audio or video calls.