intimately related

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Owen states, proves indisputably that it was intimately related to the Gnawers, the order which, at the present day, includes most of the smallest quadrupeds: in many details it is allied to the Pachydermata: judging from the position of its eyes, ears, and nostrils, it was probably aquatic, like the Dugong and Manatee, to which it is also allied.
The teeth indicate, by their simple structure, that these Megatheroid animals lived on vegetable food, and probably on the leaves and small twigs of trees; their ponderous forms and great strong curved claws seem so little adapted for locomotion, that some eminent naturalists have actually believed, that, like the sloths, to which they are intimately related, they subsisted by climbing back downwards on trees, and feeding on the leaves.
The foreword, entitled Wales: End of a Principality, and penned by an eminent politician, stated: "David Moore's gripping account of war, diplomacy and struggle points up two intimately related questions: was there any time when Wales could realistically have become an independent nation state under native rule?
Jansen invites the reader do the same--to see how the life of faith is intimately related to Jesus' own.
She explained how major targets under the SDGs placed an emphasis on women's empowerment and how they were intimately related to nursing.
It turns out that these notions are intimately related and that understanding truth requires understanding knowledge and vice versa.
Ban said "issues of water and disaster resilience are so intimately related that it is impossible to think of one without the other.
It is more aptly seen as an Aristotelian science employing both reason and faith, and intimately related to the biblical concept of wisdom, a sacred teaching that derives its first principles from revelation, and arranges them so as to achieve its ultimate goal: a return to the transcendent source of truth and "eternal happiness" (59).
Orthoptists do not refract or measure fixation disparity (sensory fusion) or understand the physiology of normal binocular vision, which is intimately related to the accommodation vergence reflex.
glutamicum is intimately related to the high level of data that scientists possess on its metabolism and regulatory networks.
Background and Objectives: The etiology of pre-eclampsia (PE) is unknown; but is intimately related to many of the same risk factors for atherosclerosis; PE has become recognized as a risk factor for subsequent cardiovascular disease.
The Occupy Movement Explained" describes this process of education and the lessons learned about "the 99%," the police, direct democracy, political demands, and the intimately related questions of social change, violence, and property.