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And Katerina Ivanovna was not broken-spirited; she might have been killed by circumstance, but her spirit could not have been broken, that is, she could not have been intimidated, her will could not be crushed.
Most of the boys are so intimidated by her that they won't even try to talk to her.
A police officer told the court that she was opposing bail because she believed witnesses could be intimidated and both defendants would be at risk if freed on bail.
Lynn added that Americans United will not be intimidated by Helms, his Senate allies or the Religious Right.
based on evidence from residents and other sources, the council determined that public loitering by gang members had 1) increased the murder rate; 2) escalated violent and drug-related crimes; and 3) enabled gang members to establish control of areas that intimidated residents and created a justifiable fear for the safety of people and property in those areas.
Those who venture into the PST literature often find themselves intimidated or irritated by the unfamiliar nomenclature or "jargon.
Father Schooyans warns that pastors and moralists in the Catholic Church must not be intimidated by the noise and aggressiveness of the biocrats and the special interest groups, the physicians and the media.
Many medical students who don't have experience dealing with horses are intimidated when they have to approach such a large animal, which LeBaron said is another thing of which doctors need to be aware.
They were quite scary to us, that's probably why we more intimidated by them than anyone else.
Even though I worked with Michael Jackson, their U2-ness intimidated me.
The 21-year-old 'Harry Potter' star believes that men are intimidated by her and advised them to be more 'brave'.
The 27-year-old surgeon said he was intimidated by team-mates Paloma Vivanco and Warwickshire's Laura Moore.