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I was that teenager intimidated by the name on the building and everything it stood for.
And we won't be intimidated by it now, we weren't last time and we won't be this time either.
There is no question of anyone being intimidated by management.
The 21-year-old 'Harry Potter' star believes that men are intimidated by her and advised them to be more 'brave'.
The 27-year-old surgeon said he was intimidated by team-mates Paloma Vivanco and Warwickshire's Laura Moore.
We weren't coming here to get bullied by the referee or the players or the fans, or to get intimidated.
They said people often felt intimidated by groups of older schoolchildren hanging around local shops.
The head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor on Thursday voiced support for Glendale Hilton employees who claim they have been intimidated during a union organizing drive.
If people feel intimidated by the fact that I have a hooded top on, they might also be intimidated by the fact that I'm 6ft 4ins and 24 stone.
He said: "If we get a full Hampden then Slovenia might be intimidated because I know the Dutch players were.
Moreover, Jews were totally intimidated, and helped intimidate one another as well.
On May 13, 2003, knowing or believing that Marian Elizabeth Westerman was a witness in proceedings for an offence, did an act, namely made threats, which intimidated and was intended to intimidate Marian Elizabeth Westerman,' the charge reads.