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Alam mo naman minsan ang ating mga abogado, kapag ginagawa ng ating mga pulis ang kanilang trabaho na-iintimidate sila (The cops must have been intimidated. You know our lawyers, sometimes they feel intimidated [to them] when they are just doing their jobs)," Albayalde explained.
Uhuru made the remarks in response to a statement by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko that the president should not feel intimidated over his choice of lawyer Miguna Miguna as is deputy.
Teens want to feel important, noticed, confident, and far from intimidated.
He added: "I don't think intimidated is the right word - more just in awe of his achievements."
However, when asked if she would get intimidated by some of the big stars, Soniya shot back, saying: " Why should I get intimidated?
He said: "Mike Hussey has intimidated Graeme Swann from the very first Test match.
But he did reveal the Welsh psyche of being intimidated by any New Zealander has to be overcome before any player takes the pitch.
The staff claim they are being intimidated into working nine or 10-hour days and to do extra deliveries.
Indian captain Anil Kumble denied his batsmen were intimidated by Australia and promised they would have a more positive outlook for the second Test in Sydney.
And he is aware that many believe a fanatical atmosphere at Anfield intimidated Chelsea out of the competition two seasons ago, when Liverpool won 1-0 and qualified for Istanbul.
"I encourage people in Northern Ontario to not feel intimidated up here," he says.
There are boys who are taller than you or who are confident enough not to be intimidated by your height.