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His Ryder Cup team-mate Hunter Mahan said: "Jordan is welcoming, he is warm, he is not intimidating.
We just need to stay focused, especially at the beginning because of the intimidating audience.
Health care leaders and caregivers have known for years that intimidating and disruptive behaviors are a serious problem.
To help put an end to intimidating and disruptive behaviors among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, support staff, and administrators, The Joint Commission recommends that health care organizations take specific steps, including the following:
There will be spells against Israel where they will frustrate us but our fans can play their part by getting right behind us and make it an intimidating atmosphere.
The suspensions followed a protest against the transfer of Sefton's council housing stock to a housing association in May, after which 18 complaints of intimidating behaviour were received.
The order - the first imposed in Guisborough - bans him from entering stores and intimidating staff members and shoppers.
It prevents him from using threatening, aggressive and violent behaviour, being verbally abusive, causing damage to property or approaching and intimidating police employees.
The mother of Maxine Carr will face trial on a charge of intimidating a witness in the Soham murder case, a court heard yesterday.
During this same period, the authorities have occasionally imposed curfews as a means of intimidating the Palestinian population.
It's a little intimidating to know that you're choreographing for a two-time Tony-winning choreographer like Donald Saddler and a living legend like Marge Champion," says Kathleen Marshall, who, when you get right down to it, doesn't sound all that intimidated.
Lynn would be sitting in a federal prison right now, locked behind bars on a charge of harassing and intimidating Christian voters.