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Since the DEA assumed there was no legitimate reason to use kratom, it did not need to muster much evidence that the drug is intolerably dangerous.
He said: "Anyone helping a friend or loved one, who is suffering intolerably, to die faces a charge of murder or manslaughter.
Last week, I moaned that Channel 4 leaving us First Date-less in January was intolerably cruel but they aren't
Intolerably handsome, funny and talented, Baffert is the perfect advertisement for a sport that has too often been critized for being too aACAyniche' and excessively aristocratic.
Having however acknowledged what he termed as "certain purely individual outbursts," Maqdah disclosed having appealed to the UN to launch a development plan in accompaniment with the security scheme since in his words "the economic and financial situation has become intolerably difficult.
The top court said it would be allowed in the case of consenting adults who are suffering intolerably from a severe and incurable medical condition, whether physical or psychological, and the illness does not have to be terminal.
Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director of the Centre for Science and Environment, said, " We need a regional action plan at the inter- state level and Delhi urgently needs very stringent pollution emergency measures to deal with the intolerably high amount of air pollution.
Is there something unseemly and wrong, perhaps even intolerably banal, about viewing novels as vehicles of moral instruction?
Despite the country's stellar economic growth of 6% per annum over the past 13 years, an intolerably large number of people still live in poverty and are victims of gross income inequality, as revealed this week by Tom Alweendo, Director General of the National Planning Commission(NPC).
That is despite Britain only now emerging from a five-year economic depression and with youth unemployment remaining intolerably high.
Labor Member for Franklin, Lara Giddings, today urged members of the House of Assembly to support legislation to give people suffering intolerably at the end of their lives the chance to die with dignity.
This celebrated infant will have to face the vicissitudes of life in the glare of the media and a possibly intolerably long wait into his dotage to inherit the throne.