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But the HPRA said these tests are not scientifically valid and attempting to self-diagnose a suspected food intolerance could potentially result in a delay in identifying and treating other medical conditions.
Belief can refer to the thing believed, or to the act of believing, and the two meanings are equally available to this forum's title, "Belief in an Age of Intolerance.
The current spate of intolerance is a deliberate attempt to create frustration and ultimately anarchy that ought to be urgently contained through concerted efforts,' said the Governor of Sindh.
php) Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose , the sugar in milk.
In accordance with the results of the (United States), we found that on a global level the prevalence of glucose intolerance is higher in warmer countries," the study stated.
Objectives: To explore the relationship between social intolerance and psychological distress among cardiac patients and investigate the effect of different type of cardiac illness, its duration and physical symptoms on social intolerance and psychological distress.
That is why it is a special pleasure to have the opportunity to sign on behalf of Peru the Inter-American Convention against Racism, Racial Discrimination, and Related Intolerance and the Inter-American Convention against All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance, said the Peruvian diplomat.
Intolerance of people's views and rights is how hatred and extremism begins.
The controversy continued as people on social media attacked the actors saying they are tarnishing the image of India through their comments on intolerance.
While Congress members in the Lok Sabha KC Venugopal has given notice for a debate over intolerance on Monday, party lawmaker Anand Sharma will press for a resolution over the issue in Rajya Sabha this week.
He said this when asked to comment about alleged rising intolerance in India.
He said: "Around one in four celebrities claims to suffer some sort of food intolerance, with wheat being the most common.