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For instance, the US is considered a superpower of the world but it is not the only state that acts tolerantly or intolerantly and in this sense, there are occasions where it is the object of intolerance as well.
In emphasizing how easy it is for all of us to think, feel, and act intolerantly, Ellis shows that tolerance is a deliberate, rational choice that we can all make, both for the good of ourselves and for the good of the world.
Attack it as sexist and racist, intolerantly dogmatic, and cruelly exploitative.
A "democracy deficit" contributes very strongly to the "freedom deficit," although, as we all know, democracies can also repress dissent and behave intolerantly.
Indeed, there is no possible reconciliation of the real dominant culture of Egypt with Israel after Moses's momentous adoption of the Jews as his people, since the majority of Egyptians remain staunchly polytheistic and the Jews have become intolerantly monotheistic, like the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten.
When sincere, humble seekers engaged in the good fight of honing their knowledge structures, the fundamentalists, those who were intolerantly persecuting "the wrongness of the heretics," became, themselves, the casualties along that road, unmasked as epistemological bullies.
But Alter would have none of this, and so he excoriated me for intolerantly refusing to grant that Howe represented one (and, as it happens, Alter's very own) part of the "spectrum of Zionist" opinion.
One who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his/her religion, opinion, etc.
This is the mirror image of the liberals' deprecation of political authority: For Warren and his gang, electoral majorities acted out of unbridled will, never on reasons, and intolerantly imposed "their" morality upon hapless, and helpless, minorities.