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Available by prescription, InTone combines a daily program of exercises, voice-guided instruction, biofeedback and micro-current stimulation to strengthen muscle tone in the pelvic floor.
shuffle a metre or so sideways and you come under its spell (or rather, under the 'sound-cone'), which gently intones poetry as you wait for the train.
We were awakened with the news or, in my case, awoke to it, peering at it on TV, thinking it was an ad for a Schwarzenegger picture, waiting for that voice to intone, "Friday everywhere from Sony.
Listening to Mitchell's husky tenor intone cleverly subversive lyrics over the tight thrum of Cheater's '70s-style instrumentation, one can finally hear that Trask has been doing as much of a balancing act as Hedwig herself.
In this timeless city," the voice-over intones, "in this spaceless preserve any slippage can occur.
This is why first impressions are often correct," intones singer David Byrne.
We are all longing for light in the darkness," he intones, and so, he continues, we sing songs, tell tales and move through vast solitudes with stories toward one another and then apart again.
The doubters, he intones, "fail to understand what a war is like.
She intones the childish incantations of 6-year-old Georgi with true interpretations.