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Available by prescription, InTone combines a daily program of exercises, voice-guided instruction, biofeedback and micro-current stimulation to strengthen muscle tone in the pelvic floor.
shuffle a metre or so sideways and you come under its spell (or rather, under the 'sound-cone'), which gently intones poetry as you wait for the train.
The guslari accompany themselves on the gusla, or gusle (a one-stringed instrument), and intone their musical stories.
They begin to intone. You know you're in for a massive dose Of |poetry': nothing later than 19th century, of course.
The great park and parade ground in Rome, the Campus Martius, was dedicated to him; when war was declared, the general would come before his legions and, striking a shield against the ground, would intone the words Mars vigila!
And for liberals who care about America's role in the world, and long for the days when one could intone words like "freedom" and "democracy" without irony or smirking, this is a compelling vision.
Talk more about tax cuts and less about the poor, Clinton's old cronies at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) constantly intone.
As my ennobled mate, Artur, would intone: "What was he after - a bunk-up or a bride?"
Though the authors grant in passing that "there is much good news" in America today, to them the immediate future looks darker than midnight: "Let us be honest," they intone. "In what direction are we tending?...
("I feel I've fulfilled my contractual obligations," comments one.) The project's performative basis is underlined by the artists themselves, who sport parodic, early-'60s-style hostesses' outfits, and, on occasion, sternly intone extracts from Bata's bible How I Began (1934).
Wong as Gong Fei, hilarious whenever he turns out to the audience to intone any Chinese name (and breathtaking when he strips to the waist).
In response to protests that such policies constitute a sellout of human dignity, the administration calmly sends forth Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to intone that we are still 100 percent committed to promoting human rights in China.