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Women who qualify for the study will receive an InTone device and instructions on how to properly use it at home.
shuffle a metre or so sideways and you come under its spell (or rather, under the 'sound-cone'), which gently intones poetry as you wait for the train.
Intone Fitness Centre is a very welcome addition to the network and will be very popular with payasUgym.
Pros: ``She's the child of Darkness, and she's under his protection now,'' gravely intone a group of men so evil that even though they're in a park during the daytime, they're bathed in blue light.
At times, the film is a little foursquare in its self-help-iness -- when Geralyn shops for a wig in the wake of her chemotherapy, she encounters a drag queen who, pointing to his heart, earnestly intones, ``It's what's in here that counts.
In this timeless city," the voice-over intones, "in this spaceless preserve any slippage can occur.
This is why first impressions are often correct," intones singer David Byrne.
We are all longing for light in the darkness," he intones, and so, he continues, we sing songs, tell tales and move through vast solitudes with stories toward one another and then apart again.
The doubters, he intones, "fail to understand what a war is like.
She intones the childish incantations of 6-year-old Georgi with true interpretations.
Uncle Sam doesn't want to see it getting into the wrong hands" the voiceover intones.