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It doesn't have the lake or the park or the skyline after dark," he intoned.
On one Atlanta possession, the public address announcer intoned that five seconds were left on the shot clock.
This memorial will serve to reinforce our own determination as peacekeepers, citizens, and members of the human family to build better lives for succeeding generations," intoned Annan in what was clearly intended as a globalist version of Lincoln's Gettysburg address.
Behold the handmaid of the Lord," my mother intoned.
Russia: A Democrat's Coup," The New York Times unblushingly intoned on its editorial page.
Now interest groups threaten you with initiatives,'' Hertzberg intoned in a powerful voice.
We have lost young people from Germany and Denmark and Afghanistan and America' intoned Mr.
sentimental ballads, waltzes, darn-fool ditties, and intoned sermons.
Tranquil flute music played softly, overlaid with the sound of gongs and swishing water intoned from a Buddhist fountain.
Never again,'' intoned speaker after speaker - from congressmen to ambassadors to governors to mayors during ceremonies at Pan Pacific Park.
She is like the leaves of autumn,'' the Los Angeles resident intoned through an interpreter.