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A few moments earlier Snyder had been on the school's public-address system, intoning ``Good morning, Grizzlies'' and asking students to remember U.
Mekka's cross-cultural currents were exhilarating and dizzying: Muhammad intoning an Islamic prayer; Seidman chanting words from the Cabala; Wood dancing like a shaman clearing the air, then playing the berimbau (capoeira's one-stringed instrument) in duet with the tabla; Harris and Isaac inhabiting a black mesh floor-to-ceiling "cage" that occupied center stage for the final movements.
Jed's fervor is especially disturbing because, in a '90s kind of way (Jed speaks with the young American habit of intoning statements as questions), it is so unconvincing either as religion or sexual attraction.
Jazz singer Dianne Reeves opened the concert by walking to center stage and intoning ``The Star-Spangled Banner'' a cappella.
Nonetheless, Wolf's remake employs the classic theme with a hip-hop drum track under it and, instead of original star Jack Webb gravely intoning that ``the story you are about to see is true,'' begins by informing us that stories are ``inspired by actual events,'' which is 21st-century-ese for ``we made this stuff up, so sue us,'' and anyway, the same, again, can be said of ``Law & Order.
She prattles on about how rattled her nerves are after traversing a military checkpoint and portentously intoning at times, ``I brace myself for the next part of my journey,'' and,``In this neighborhood, I fear for my own safety.
And in the sixth and final episode, two different subjects are juxtaposed, making their lives seem dramatic by intoning, ``You never know what kind of situation you're going to find yourself in.
LOOKING FOR LOVE: Bachelorettes in Alaska,'' yet another abjectly cynical reality series from Fox, opens with a ludicrous image of five women in wedding gowns trekking through the snowy wilds of the Last Frontier, grimly intoning that this show represents for its female ``contestants'' a ``last chance for marriage,'' a dubious claim given that the women in question are between the ages of 26 and 36.
She achieves all by intoning with casual ease the well-documented vocal inflections and rhythms of the former first lady.
This makes the job both difficult (some folks like the easy money) and easy (others abhor the firm's amorality: Alicia Coppola, as a crack investor, delivers the series' theme by gravely intoning, ``Don't you have enough (money) that you don't need to hurt people to get more?
Vanquishing the team that emerges from the Eastern Conference will be a mere formality, like Philbin intoning, ``Is that your final answer?
In the movie's crude, comic swipe at the men's movement, these liberated jerks lurch idiotically through the streets intoning a nonsensical sis-boom-bah-like chant.