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First, never to be intoxicated when he hath made the best bargain, nor dejected when the market is empty, or when its commodities are too dear for his purchase.
No, it's not the admiration of the crowd has intoxicated her, but the adoration of one.
Winkle's astonishment was too real, and too evident, to escape the observation of Doctor Slammer's friend; he therefore proceeded--'My friend, Doctor Slammer, requested me to add, that he was firmly persuaded you were intoxicated during a portion of the evening, and possibly unconscious of the extent of the insult you were guilty of.
Winkle, who had had time to deliberate upon his answer, 'because, Sir, you described an intoxicated and ungentlemanly person as wearing a coat which I have the honour, not only to wear but to have invented--the proposed uniform, Sir, of the Pickwick Club in London.
Summary: A senior police official said the trio was inhaling the gas to get intoxicated
The passenger seated in 24E was heavily intoxicated prior to entering the flight, and had fallen into a drunken stupor sitting next to Card," the lawsuit claims.
11 percent on the night of his intoxicated driving arrest, according to a newly released police report.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the defendant got intoxicated while on board and started to create trouble for the other passengers.
MULTAN -- Intoxicated drugs were proved in the stomach of slain model Qandeel Baloch in the forensic report received here on Monday.
Cuomo today signed Tiffany Heitkamps Law, legislation that strengthens penalties for boating while intoxicated offenses by linking them to prior drinking while driving offenses involving a vehicle.
A 19-year-old man from Paphos was arrested early Tuesday after causing a road accident while intoxicated and for verbally assaulting a police officer.
Statistics showed 51 of those found to be driving while intoxicated until the end of June were between the ages of 21 and 30.