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Her fantastic, sometimes silly, plot twists may prevent some readers from suspending disbelief, but those who persevere will be rewarded with an unsettling novel "as intoxicatingly strange as it is forbidding" (Boston Globe).
Paintings and sculpture that fold the history of the decorative arts, functional design and graphic language into intoxicatingly witty plays with image and surface.
Continuing the love-death theme is Messiaen's vast Turangalila-Symphonie, of whose ten movements many are decidedly sexy, and which encourages a huge orchestra to whoop exuberantly, pulsate with intoxicatingly jazzy rhythms, and murmur in sated sleepfulness.
Immensely entertaining, it is a chronological romp through millennia of vinous history, from those original Georgians, who discovered how to turn grapes into an intoxicatingly pleasurable drink, to Rudy Kurniawan who, in 2014, was convicted of wine fraud worth tens of millions.
This intoxicatingly beautiful concert for voices has the elegant chorus members assembled in rows in the arch created by the contrastingly hideous Jacob Epstein's "Christ in Majesty" statue but not even late 20th century sculpture could detract from the shimmering beauty of the melding of colours and voices, of liturgical music, evocative chant and Rachmaninov's own vocabulary.
Whether enjoyed in a flute or traditional wine glass, by itself or with other ingredients delivered via an intoxicatingly aromatic trail of effervescence, sparkling wine enhances any occasion.
Although Moreland concludes Hudson cannot integrate trauma and Broer that Hudson alone of Hemingway's mature characters not only can but does integrate it successfully, their essays are exacting, compelling, and intoxicatingly convincing.
I am actually making my preparations to go back home and live there because when I am there the smell of the place, the sound, they are intoxicatingly beautiful.
An Atlas of Northamptonshire The Medieval and Early-Modern Landscape is an intoxicatingly large book split between two 1:25,000 scale map sets showing medieval expansion circa 1300 and modern enclosure period (17271901).
There are some people who have been suckling at the teat of Corporate Canada for so long that they have forgotten who their real mother is: the milk so intoxicatingly potent that it blinds.
Again and again, in images of trees and plants glimpsed through windows and in shadow, there's a strong sense in Dorsky's work that nature is just out of grasp, intoxicatingly near and unreachable.
Experience it all: deep blue skies, miles of intoxicatingly barren brown earth, fluffy white clouds, mountain tops scattered with snow, picturesque villages with little cottages, happy brooks and happier faces.