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It was an intoxicatingly intelligent show, not least of all because of the way she slipped out from under the cliches of Sherman Studies and stood free of her theoreticians-the bride stripping the bachelors bare, even.
This brilliant web of sound is complemented by a remarkable cast of only four singers, three of them taking a multitude of roles; bass Roger Bryson copes well with his wide-ranging writing, including a Baron Ochs-like Duke, and the wondrous Valdine Ander son trills and dances as intoxicatingly as Zerbinetta above the stave.
This intoxicatingly beautiful concert for voices has the elegant chorus members assembled in rows in the arch created by the contrastingly hideous Jacob Epstein's "Christ in Majesty"statue but not even 20th century brutalism sculpture could detract from the shimmering beauty of the melding of colours and voices, of liturgical music, evocative chant and Rachmaninov's own vocabulary.
In what seemed to be one gigantic national park there were perfectly-preserved towns crowned with impressive castles, and deeply-forested mountains where the air was intoxicatingly clear.
It's an intoxicatingly weird fantasia, beautifully photographed by Rob Hardy.
He also had to pay for acquiring his predecessor's cellar, an intoxicatingly wasting asset
Moon's North Korea policy was called "moonshine," the portmanteau that sounds intoxicatingly inappropriate.
The first is a series of paintings that are intoxicatingly stained, layered and reworked.
The combination of tender and vibrant notes leaves an intoxicatingly light and fruity trail.
Without hyperlinks, D'Annunzio could not offer his readers the possibility of hearing this intoxicatingly beautiful piece in actuality, but calling it by name and describing its playing gives it a diegetic role, a living presence in the narrative.
The magical and intoxicatingly fragrant exhibition engages every year more than 100 professional artists, designers, and architects who turn 300 kg of dough into unique gingerbread creations.
Much of the credit goes to Cotillard, last seen in Macbeth, who makes for an intoxicatingly seductive femme fatale whose mastery of the spying game and the double life it entails leaves us never quite sure of what lies beneath those big brown eyes.