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Caption: FIGURE 9: Intracellular fluid pressure distribution at different times in the middle layer (a) at 15 s, (b) at 16 s, and (c) at 17 s.
Intracellular fluid moves into the plasma and extracellular fluid spaces resulting in the contraction of the intracellular compartments and restoration of plasma volume.
Total body water is contained within two broad compartments: intracellular fluid, which is the fluid inside cells, and extracellular, which is the fluid outside of cells.
Intracellular fluid transport would be expected to be too slow to accomplish significant volume change within the approximately 30 to 40 min long test sessions conducted here.
These osmoles act to prevent further brain cell shrinkage; however, because they are not rapidly dissipated, when fluid and insulin therapy are initiated, the rapid intracellular fluid shift results in swelling of brain tissues.
Bioimpedance is a noninvasive means for assessing extracellular fluid (ECF) and intracellular fluid (ICF) within living tissue.

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