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While certain infections of the central nervous system are known to lead to elevated intracranial pressure, viral meningitis as a cause of increased ICP is much less commonly described.
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The Camino intracranial pressure device in clinical practice: Reliability, handling characteristics and complications.
* The report reviews the major players involved in the development of Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Devices and list all their pipeline projects
CSF examination revealed that both WBC count and intracranial pressure progressively increased in the 3 weeks following admission.
This measurement is based on the fact that the most distal portion of the nerve has a dural covering known as the optic nerve sheath, (25) which becomes dilated as intracranial pressure rises and CSF is distributed through along the dura.
Key clinical point: A short duration of vital sign data might prove useful for forecasting secondary intracranial pressure swings after traumatic brain injury.
"Michael Schumacher's intracranial pressure improved and we were able to carry out a scan without taking any kind of unnecessary risk.
Even though since the end of the 19th century the spinal CSF pressure was used as indirect measure of ICP, the first reports of the use of continuous intracranial pressure monitoring via ventricular catheter were by Guillaume and Janny in 1951 [4] and later by Lundberg in 1960 [5].
Recently, researchers have emphasized not only IOP or vascular dysregulation, but also intracranial pressure's (ICP) role in glaucoma [8, 9].

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