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For example, Kuhn and Cartwright point to a tendency toward conservatism in science and Humphreys emphasizes the importance of the intractability of what he calls "templates.
by the EU, in light of the current intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian
It commented that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's role in this regard emerged from a wise and outlook vision for the future proved its sound, especially since the call launched by the Kingdom since the outbreak of the crisis for the need to provide support for the revolutionary forces, including providing the opposition with anti-aircraft weapons and Armor was enough to end this tragedy before its escalation, and before foreign interventions by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiite militias, "Dsh" and Alnosrah front, contributed to the complexity and intractability of the Syria crisis.
The latest fighting illustrated the intractability of the conflict that began on March 15, 2011 after popular uprisings that toppled dictators in Tunisia and Egypt.
The Americans are irritated by Moscow's intractability in the UN Security Council.
By that standard, Syria is "a young conflict," as one of the participants in the exercise put it, "that shows characteristics of aging into intractability.
However, 60% of those with structurally normal brains eventually did become seizure free, despite an early history of intractability, Dr.
1 cover says far more about the intractability of Twitter-born outrage than it does about journalism ethics.
By Anne Bartlett June 20, 2013 - There is a certain intractability to Sudan's conflicts these days, which defies logic or, it seems, any moral responsibility.
China understands that North Korea's intractability is rooted in its deep isolation from the world, mass deception of its people and Kim's fear of losing control of a country that only his family has ruled.
Fittingly, the murky reality of their argument was hidden in order to highlight the more profound intractability of their disagreement.