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Back problems are one of the top 10 most expensive medical conditions, with an estimated 30 percent of the 300,000 patients annually that undergo lumbosacral spine procedures developing chronic intractable pain.
Whether hoping for marijuana in plant form or pill form, Minnesota residents have been waiting for this day to come as more than 500 patients suffering from intractable pain registered for the program last month.
Jude Medical Axium neurostimulator system is the only therapeutic approach of its kind designed to treat moderate to severe chronic intractable pain of the lower limbs in adult patients with CRPS.
Jude Medical Axium system was based in part on the results of the ACCURATE investigational device exemption study, the largest study to date evaluating patients suffering from neuropathic chronic intractable pain associated with CRPS I and II or peripheral causalgia (PC).
This program has the potential to produce a product that can achieve significant reduction of chronic intractable pain from a single injection.
He subsequently extended this interest to other types of chronic intractable pain and established the first multidisciplinary pain management clinic at Tacoma General Hospital in Washington State, U.
Even worse, the Drug Enforcement Administration's renewed war on pain doctors has frightened many physicians out of pain management altogether, exacerbating an already serious health crisis--the widespread undertreatment of intractable pain.
Physicians should realize that attorneys dealing in the under-treatment of pain strive to be able to understand medical quality of care issues and how they affect the legal standard of care surrounding the treatment of intractable pain in the elderly.
Cancer patients, AIDS patients, orthopedic patients, all may one day find a solution to their currently intractable pain conditions from our research.
By unleashing radio waves inside bone, researchers have stopped intractable pain in people with cancer that has spread to their skeletons.
Tennant of Veract Intractable Pain Clinics in West Covina, Calif.